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What’s New in Whatsapp Web’s Latest Update ?



What’s New in Whatsapp Web’s Latest Update

You must be a user of WhatsApp. Everyone of us is. But do you use WhatsApp web ? Anyways, we are not here to discuss that!

Whatsapp rolled out it’s web friendly version where you can access WhatsApp on your computer by just scanning a QR code. At times, it proves to be really useful.

Here are some of the recent changes to WhatsApp web which further increases it’s functionalities :

1. Shortcut for your favourite emoji

There is obviously a emoji button on the text bar but there is a shortcut for using emoji while you type. Put a colon (:) and type the first two letters of the emoji (sa for sad, ha for happy). This will insert the emoji automatically. For Example, type “:sa” for sad emoji.

2.PiP Mode

It stands for Picture in Picture mode. If someone send you a link to a youtube video for example, then it will play inside the WhatsApp itself you will not have to open youtube separately. This feature was available in WhatsApp android or IOS app from 2018 but it has recently been launched for WhatsApp web as well. It supports many of the popular platforms including youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

3. Multiple Account

Now you can use multiple WhatsApp account in the same computer. Just log in WhatsApp using your browser and open a separate account in “incognito mode”. Previously it was not possible to open multiple WhatsApp web accounts in the same browser.

4. WA Toolkit Extension

Only the power users might need this but with this browser extension you can receive background notifications for WhatsApp web and you can stretch the chat window to full width. There are only a limited number of people who would do that.

So there you have it. These are some of the new features launched for WhatsApp web users. Keep in mind you can use WhatsApp windows or WhatsApp Mac app to install a separate account in your computer. But using WhatsApp web is far more easier and convenient.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment down below.