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Google Revealed a New Open Source Framework for “AutoFlip”



Google AI AutoFlip

With the development in connected tech, you can be watching a video on your tablet then you might want the same video on your phone but the experience is not same due to the difference in aspect ratio. Let’s assume a content creator making a video for Facebook, the same video cannot go on instagram and as you know IGTV is a whole different story. So it is difficult to keep up with these different aspect ratio.

Google AI has released a new open source framework for a tool called “AutoFlip”. AutoFlip tries best to automatically resize videos to fit the device you are watching the video on. It is very discomforting to watch a landscape video in portrait form, what AutoFlip does is, it keeps the subject in the frame by using AI as the brain.

See the example below,

Here, if you directly crop the video form the centre, it would clearly miss some action. With AutoFlip in the play you can clearly see the difference.

AutoFlip is not something you can download to your phone immediately but we will surely see it in action within the apps like youtube and instagram in the future.

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