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Facebook Recently Launched a Pinterest like app called “Hobbi”



Hobbi app by facebook

Facebook recently launched an app that just functions similar to pinterest, the name of this app is “Hobbi”. Currently, available on the ios app store, this app is a photo and video sharing app designed for documenting user hobbies. This app was developed by New Product Experimentation team at Facebook.

The same team has also developed many other apps in the past, like Bump (A chat app for making friends), Aux (A social music app) and Whale (a meme editor).

Coming back to Hobbi, you can document and save your creativities like photography, baking, cycling, arts, interior designs, fitness and a lot more. Just like how you share your “interests” in pinterest.

Hobbi is currently available for download in 84 countries and has received only 5000 downloads upto now. In my opinion, it’s based on the same concept as pinterest but it is not a clone. Ideas like this, nobody knows when it can turn out to be a new “instagram”.

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