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Apple iphone 12: 3D Camera, Touch ID, ProMotion Display and a lot more



Apple iPhone 12

We all know how well the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro has performed this year but apple is not going stop bringing new products. In 2020 we are going to see a lot of new and exciting products from apple. Such as the iPhone 12. Apple is going to make some big changes to it’s flagship product line. A lot of new changes are coming to iPhone this year, whether it be positive or negative to you. I have created a list of new features that might come to iPhone this year,

Apple iPhone 12

  1. 3D Camera : This info is leaked from various different sources. With a long range 3D Camera your iPhone will be able to map it’s environment upto 15 feet. It will be laser based and will make significant improvements to the portrait mode and AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities of the phone.
  2. Design : This is the most uncertain thing of this list, as nobody seems to get it right at this point of time. But it may disappoint you as the new iPhone 12 can be very similar in looks to the current generation.
  3. Display Tech : New iPhone can come fitted with Samsungs Y OCTA display technology for slimmer panels and OLED for the basic variant of iPhone 12, which will effectively increase it’s cost. Also, it is very likely that the 12 will come with 120hz refresh rate pro motion displays.
  4. Screen Size : New iPhone could look similar but there will be changes to the screen size. iPhone 12 will have 6.1-inch screen same as iPhone 11. iPhone 12 pro will have 5.4-inch instead of 5.8-inch in iPhone 11 pro. iPhone 12 pro max 5G will have 6.7-inch instead of 6.5-inch in iPhone 11 pro max.
  5. Security : Some leaks show that there will be integration of IN-DISPLAY Touch ID in conjunction with face ID which will make the security in iPhone 12 “top notch”
  6. Ports and connections : Some say that the new iPhone will be port-less and some say it’s going to go for USB C. This remains a matter of talk as of now.
  7. 5G : 5G support is going to debut in the iPhone series this year. iPhone 12 will support both mmWave and Sub-6GHz bands. Although, network services also need to upgrade to 5G as most of them are still running on 4G networks.
  8. Price : Given the above upgrades from 11 it seems that iPhone 12 is going to be pricier that the current. But with the introduction of features like 3D camera and 5G, high price-tag seems to be justified. (As long as it’s not unrealistically high)

There’s been a tradition within apple to release the new iPhone in the month of September. So we all know the iPhone 12 will be launched in September 2020.

As long as there are rumours and leaks i will be updating this article. Follow along to know what nobody seems to know right now.